Providing Students with the Tools to Make Healthy, Informed Decisions

Hartford Public Schools is committed to prevention education for their community

Hartford Public Schools is a diverse, urban school district serving the capital city of Connecticut. When it comes to tough but critical topics like substance abuse, Hartford Public Schools is determined to see students are prepared to face issues outside the classroom through blended learning during the school day.

In partnership with EVERFI, Connecticut’s largest school district is proactively tackling one of the city’s greatest public health challenges through proactive prevention education. Students who participated in the Prescription Drug Safety Program in 2018-2019 saw a 33% increase in knowledge gains, 5% higher than the CT state average.

Hear from Hartford’s Director of Arts and Wellness, Tracy Avicolli, about the unique challenges facing the district’s student population and why they’ve turned to EVERFI to help meet the diverse needs of students. You’ll also learn why health educator Melissa Yennie leverages Prescription Drug Safety and AlcoholEdu for High School to support students in the community she both lives and teaches in.

Hartford Public Schools is inspiring and preparing all students to meet success in the classroom and beyond.

Real World Learning Matters

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