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edWeb: FAFSA Season is Here: How to Equip Your Students

60 min.

Listen to Persist Nashville’s Co-founder and Director of Coaching, Kristen King, M.Ed. for a discussion about how to decode the FAFSA for your students and their families.

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The Financial Brand podcast: Delivering Financial Education to Customers and Communities

45 min.

Providing trust through personal finance education is an imperative for the entire finance services sector.

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edWeb: The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Conversation with the Author

54 min.

Listen to our conversation with Paris Woods, Ed.M., education leader, non-profit founder, and author of The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom.

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edWeb: Best Practices for a Culturally Responsive Learning Community

1 hr.

We find ourselves in a moment where the dialogue about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is happening across the nation.

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Easy EdTech Podcast: 5 Reasons Financial Literacy is a Skill for All Students

28 min.

In this episode, Alyssa Lyons and Jay Matthews join to discuss five reasons why financial literacy is an important skill for all students.

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edWeb: Financial Literacy in a Gen Z World - Preparing Teachers & Curriculum

1 hr.

In this edWeb podcast, EVERFI, the leading voice in financial education, lays out the landscape of financial literacy in a digital first world.

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10-Minute Teacher Podcast: 6 Ways to Help Kids Learn Real-World Skills

21 min.

Free financial literacy courses for high school and middle school, social-emotional learning, and digital literacy classes, with ways to help students learn real-world skills.