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Collecting Money in Piggy Bank

Teaching Finances with Funny Memes About Money

Remember when we couldn’t wait to “grow up?” Visions of staying up…

three panelists and webinar title

How Financial Institutions Can Prepare Their Communities for a Recession

60 min.

Hear from industry experts via a panel discussion on how you can help support consumers when they need it most.

[Webinar] Workplace Well-Being: Why Our Mindset Must Change to Attract and Retain Talent

60 min.

How to rethink your strategy around workplace well-being, so you can keep your employees happy and healthy — and compete for top talent

two boys making fun of a teen girl

6 ways to help teenagers with mental health issues

There are common mental health problems that teens all around the world…

Lessons to Address High School Vaping in 2022

It’s no doubt that we are experiencing a growing epidemic of high…

Tools to Track the Impact of Your Financial Education Program

30 min.

Learn learn how data and reporting can help you better share the impact of your financial education program.

Why Mental Health Must Be at the Forefront of Your Return to Campus Strategy

High School Vaping Prevention Strategies

First, let’s explore the term “vaping” and what it really means. The…

Learning at a desk with coffee

6 Must-Haves for Your Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

So much has changed in the workplace, from where employees work to…

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edWeb: FAFSA Season is Here: How to Equip Your Students

60 min.

Listen to Persist Nashville’s Co-founder and Director of Coaching, Kristen King, M.Ed. for a discussion about how to decode the FAFSA for your students and their families.

Create authentic learning experiences with Canva for Education and EVERFI

We’re excited to announce our partnership with EVERFI from Blackbaud, a ready-made digital lesson…